Teacher helping student with homework. Seventh-grade science students count rubber bands for a science lab. Art students sitting by a still-life display, drawing it. Girls Volleyball Team bumping up the ball, and setting it up to be spiked as they play against Thunder Ridge Middle School.


Sandcreek Middle School is one of two middle schools in District #93 which houses seventh and eighth-grade students. It is located in Ammon. It serves approximately 900 students from Ammon, Falls Valley, Hillview, Tiebreaker, Centennial Ranch, and McDonald's Farm subdivisions.

Code of Conduct Parent and Student Acknowledgement Form
el Codigo del Distrito del la Conducta Estudiantil


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For Eighth graders moving on to Ninth grade here is a link to Class Choice to select your high school classes.

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Online Registration

If you have a new student to District #93, please complete the new student enrollment online forms found under SMS registration.  We will contact you after receiving your electronic enrollment.

Check out our course descriptions and student handbook by clicking on the button below.

SMS Course Description & Student Handbook

Letter from the Counseling Department

Our school counselors are licensed professionals who have earned a Master's Degree or higher.  

Counselor's Mission:

The mission at Sandcreek Middle School is to empower all of our students by providing them with the tools and resources they need to achieve academically and personally. As counselors, we will advocate for our students through the implementation of interventions directed toward social, emotional, and academic skills that are needed to be successful. Of course, this cannot be accomplished without the help of our teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents.  Click this link for the contact information letter.

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Printable Bell Schedule 2020-21

Three Lunch Bell Schedule 2020-21

On your schedule:

If you have a 3B class, you are in 1st lunch

If you have a 3A & a 4B class, you are in 2nd lunch

If you have a 4A class, you are in 3rd lunch.

School News

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May 27 - BHS Graduation 9pm @ Motor VU Drive In
May 28 - HHS Graduation 7pm @ Melaleuca Field
May 31 - Memorial Day - No School
June 1 - TRHS Graduation 7pm @ Melaleuca Field
June 2 - TCHS & BOHS Graduation 5pm @ TRHS
June 2 - LHS Graduation 8pm @ TRHS
June 4 - Last Day of School - Half day
June 4 - End of 3rd Trimester
June 7 - Teacher Workday

Mission:  Redefining Excellence


Vision:  Preparing today’s students for

                tomorrow’s challenges.

Contact Info

Dragons logo    Sandcreek Middle School

2955 E. Owen St.  Ammon, ID 83406
Phone: 208-525-4416 | Fax: 208-525-4438

                                       After Hours Emergency Maintenance - Darren Forman: 208-227-9662


Ap 5th Annual Honor Role Recipient
2955 E Owen Street
Ammon, ID 83406
Phone: 208-525-4416

Fax: 208-525-4438