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Athletic Event Tickets

Welcome to Sandcreek!

Sandcreek Middle School is complying with the Governor’s order on gatherings related to winter sports.  We are excited for the teams and the opportunity for parents and spectators to attend! Please read through the following information as it outlines the guidelines and consequences for not following guidelines. 

Spectator Guidelines:

  • SMS will allow spectators up to 40% of our gymnasium capacity.  The current seating capacity is 1044 this will allow up to 417 spectators.  

  • This count includes both home and away fans.  

  • Tickets will be sold online and must be purchased before the game.  Tickets will not be sold at the door.  

  •  Who does NOT need a ticket:

    • SMS students with an Activity Card

    • D93 Employees w/badge

    • IHSAA Coach’s Pass

    • Children 6th grade and younger.

Please keep younger children seated with you.

  • Spectators must wear masks when entering the gym and where physical distancing can’t be achieved.

  • 6 feet of physical distancing must be practiced between non-household members.

  • All spectators will be required to sit in the designated areas that will be marked with a green line.  

  • Spectators must not congregate at any point in the building. 


Consequences for schools not following the guidelines outlined by the state are:

  1.  First time--a warning from the state

  2. Second time--forfeit of the game

  3. Third time-- a team season will be canceled (tournament opportunity will be taken away) 


Thank you for helping us keep our schools open, our students learning in person, and playing the sports they love!  


Sandcreek Administration

Yvonne Thurber--Principal

Patti Suitter--Asst. Principal

Lisa Patterson--Activity Director