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Faculty/Staff Email Directory

Faculty and Staff Directory


Principal:  Dr. Yvonne Thurber

Assist. Principal:  Patricia Suitter

Office Manager:  Dee La Pearle

Book Keeper:  LaDawn Moad

Attendance Secretary:  Shelli McBride

Counselor:  Cheryl Andersen

Counselor:  Nancy Heyrend

Counselor:  Gabrielle Roberts

SRO:  Andrew Mortimer


Head Custodian:  Trent Blackburn


Young Living:  Julie Arlen

Digital Citizenship:  Joshua Campbell

Young Living:  Debra Christensen

Art/Yearbook:  Joanne Denney

BASE:  Steve Dewey

Prime Time:  Kathy Egan

Coding/3D Printing/Robotics:  Cole Hebdon

Library:  Michael Jarvis

Spanish:  Tracy McCoy


Teen Wellness:  Angie Morgan

Theatre Arts/ELL:  Michelle Morrill

PE 7/Athletic Director:  Lisa Patterson

Young Living:  Stacey Rogers

Orchestra:  Nick Shannon

Band/Choir:  Sheryl Stetz

Crafts/Woods:  Blake Thomson 

PE 8:  Jeffrey Waetje

Choir/Prime Time:  Justin Zierke

English Department

7th Grade ELA:  Rylan Bitter

7th Grade ELA:  Kim Davis

7th Grade ELA:  Lindsey Palmer

8th Grade ELA/Reading: Shanon Blosch

8th Grade ELA:  Marsha Craner

8th Grade ELA: Megan Toone


Math Department

7th & 8th Grade Math: Natalie Arritt  

7th Grade Math:  Ann Atkins

7th Grade Math: Melanie Harris

8th Grade Math:  Joanne Malmo

8th Grade Math: Abigail Purser

8th Grade Math:  Sara Weekes

Science Department

7th Grade:  Aaron Bryers

7th Grade:  Leslie Cook

7th Grade:  Alyson Paice

8th Grade:  Carly Hartzell

8th Grade:  Sarah Jennings

8th Grade:  Kim Williams

Social Studies Department

7th Grade: Steven Erickson

7th Grade:  Carol Swain

7th Grade:  Adam Williams

8th Grade:  Shanon Blosch

8th Grade:  Peter Huntsman

8th Grade:  Michael Strobel
8th Grade:  Candice Traughber


Special Education Department

8th Grade:  Lucinda Gibbons


7th Grade English:  Susan Bergquist

7th & 8th Grade Math: Christopher Rusch

Medically Fragile:  Jackie Humphries


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