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Sandcreek Middle School is one of two middle schools in District. #93 which houses seventh and eighth-grade students. It is located in Ammon. It serves approximately 900 students from Ammon, Falls Valley, Hillview, Tiebreaker, Centennial Ranch and McDonald's Farm subdivisions.

Code of Conduct Parent and Student Acknowledgement Form
el Codigo del Distrito del la Conducta Estudiantil


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New Online Registration

Check out our new online registration system for the 2019-20 school year.  Our registration forms are all online now.  If your student was in one of our district's elementary schools last year, then they are a returning student.  If you would like to purchase a yearbook, activity card or PE clothes, then you can use PowerSchool for online payments by clicking the button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, or you can mail a check with attention to Mrs. Moad now and pick up your receipt on one of our registration days, Aug. 14-15, 2019 from 8:00  AM-Noon and 1:00 - 3:00 PM.

Student schedules are a work in progress.  Students can pick up their schedule at registration.


Bell Schedule for 2019-2020

Regular Bell Schedule
1st Lunch   2nd Lunch
Advisory 8:40 8:55   Advisory 8:40 8:55
1 9:00 9:58   1 9:00 9:58
2 10:03 11:01   2 10:03 11:01
3 11:06 12:04   3 11:06 12:04
Lunch 12:04 12:34   4 12:09 1:07
4 12:39 1:37   Lunch 1:07 1:37
5 1:42 2:40   5 1:42 2:40
6 2:45 3:43   6 2:45 3:43
Early Release/Assembly Bell Schedule
1st Lunch   2nd Lunch
1 8:40 9:29   1 8:40 9:29
2 9:34 10:22   2 9:34 10:22
3 10:27 11:15   3 10:27 11:15
Lunch 11:15 11:45   4 11:20 11:45
4 11:50 12:38   Lunch 12:08 12:38
5 12:43 1:31   5 12:43 1:31
6 1:36 2:24   6 1:36 2:24
Early Release or Assembly 2:30 3:43   Early Release or Assembly 2:30 3:43

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Popcorn Fridays
The PTO will be selling popcorn in the commons for $1.00 during lunch on the second and fourth Friday of each month.

Fundraising: Box Tops for Education.
Please donate your box tops to Sandcreek by mailing them in or sending them with your student.

School News

August 27th School Bond
On Tuesday, August 27th, residents of District 93 will have the opportunity to vote on a new school bond. The proposed bond will provide funding to build a new elementary school and make additions to Bonneville and Hillcrest High Schools. Please visit for more information.
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On Tuesday, August 27th District 93 patrons will be asked to vote on a school bond that will provide funding to build a new elementary school, construct additions at both Hillcrest and Bonneville High Schools, and make necessary improvements to other schools and facilities.


If approved, funds from the $42.7 million school bond can only be used for the projects listed on the ballot. Funds from school bonds cannot be used to pay employee salaries, other ongoing operational costs, or for any purpose not identified on the ballot. The District anticipates paying an interest rate of 2.93% on this bond, resulting in a total estimated cost of $59.2 million. The state is expected to contribute $11.6 million, resulting in a total net cost of $47.6 million to District 93 patrons. The school district will maintain the current levy rate to repay the bond. As the value of the District's tax base grows, the current levy rate will generate the necessary revenue to repay this bond. Based on the District's current tax base, patrons will pay about $92 annually for every $100,000 of their taxable assessed value if the bond is approved. However, the actual annual cost per $100,000 will be less as the District's tax base grows with the construction of new homes and businesses. If new bonds are never approved, the District's levy rate would eventually decrease.


More information about the August 27th Bond Proposal is available at

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Phone: 208-525-4416

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