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SMS Ski School

Last Updated: 1/14/2020 8:16 PM

You are invited to join Sandcreek Ski & Snowboard School

Where:  Kelly Canyon Ski Resort

Who:  Grades 7-8

When: Jan. 28, Feb. 4, Feb. 11, and possibly Feb. 20, 2020

Time:  3:50 - 9:30 PM


We understand Tuesdays are not convenient for many of our students, BUT, that's all Kelly Canyon can open for us. We would leave Sandcreek at 4pm and busses would transport the students to the mountain with their skis in storage under the bus compartments. (that means you need to bring your student to school with their ski gear) We need 1 chaperone per 10 students. You will have to ride the bus with the students to keep order on the bus (hahaha) If you think you would like to volunteer, and ski with the kids for free while helping me keep track of the kids, then please fill out the volunteer form (some of you already have one on file at the school). We leave the mountain at 9pm. Parents will pick up their student from Sandcreek at approximately 9:30pm. We will get pricing, forms and information out to the students out soon. We will continue to update but, wanted to give you the dates so you can check your calendars.

We will meet at Sandcreek on the dates above at 3:50.  The bus will leave exactly at 4:00 so we can make the most of our time at Kelly’s.  

No late registrations will be accepted as we have to send our information to Kelly’s prior to the ski date. 

Two lessons in January are mandatory for those who have not skied at least three times before.  Of course, it’s great to take advantage of these low-cost lessons even if you have skied before.  Lessons cost $10 through the ski program.  If you had to pay for them privately it would cost around $40.

Parents and siblings are welcome to join and take advantage of our special lift ticket pricing arrangement as long as the parent is skiing on the hill with their children.  Lessons are not available for non-Sandcreek students.

Sandcreek Ski Club Letter

Parent Permission Form if paying online

Touchbase - Online Payments

Parent Permission Form if paying at SMS

Kelly Canyon Ski Equipment Rental Form

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